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Abe Rein Moderates Panel on Data Security at Penn Intellectual Property Group's 2018 Symposium

On March 27, 2018, Abraham J. Rein, Co-Chair of the Firm's Information Privacy & Security Practice Group, moderated a panel discussion focused on data security issues at Penn Intellectual Property Group's (PIPG) 2018 Symposium, "Open Source’s Impact on Innovation," in Philadelphia. PIPG is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania Law School focused on enhancing intellectual property interest.

The panel covered:

  • Discussion of data security considerations in open source product development and use.
  • Impacts of the new EU consumer data privacy laws.
  • A review of security through obscurity and the arguments for and against it.
  • What the Equifax Leak has to do with open source, what has been learned from it, and where the liability falls.