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Andrea Kirshenbaum, Fara Cohen, and Eve Keller Examine Wage and Hour Considerations for Remote Work for The Legal Intelligencer

In the March 26, 2021 article, "Avoiding Wage-and-Hour Pitfalls in the Post-Pandemic Workplace," for The Legal Intelligencer, Andrea M. Kirshenbaum, Fara A. Cohen, and Eve R. Keller examine wage and hour considerations for employers continuing remote work post-pandemic. 

The authors note:

"While remote work began by necessity, employers that are considering making remote work a permanent feature of their workplaces will need to assess and address multiple wage-and-hour challenges that can arise from remote work."

"Although the post-COVID workplace is still evolving, clearly as remote work becomes a more permanent component of the modern workplace, employers will face a whole host of new legal and regulatory challenges. Employers should stay tuned as the legal frameworks for analyzing these complex challenges (hopefully) catch up with our reality of remote work."

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