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Bryan Shay Serves on Webinar Panel Examining Bad Faith Avoidance and Defense for the Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel on Oct. 17

On October 17, 2023 at 12:30 pm ET, Bryan M. Shay served as a panelist for the webinar, "Bad Faith Avoidance and Seeking Tenders of Defense: Run with a ‘Reasonable’ Crowd," The webinar was sponsored by the Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel (PADC). 

Although litigating a case is always challenging, representing a defendant as insurance defense counsel can pose additional—and sometimes unexpected—challenges for defense counsel.

In this seminar, three experienced insurance bad faith defense attorneys discussed how bad faith claims can arise from defense counsel’s conduct prior to and during litigation. Using their collective experience representing insurers in connection with first-party and third-party bad faith claims, the panelists offered observations and tips for avoiding such claims.

The panel also discussed an insurer’s perspective on common issues that arise in defense litigation—such as additional insured tenders, time-limited demands, and requests by the client for independent counsel—and the important role defense counsel plays in protecting the insurer from a subsequent bad faith claim.