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Devin Ryan Examines Electric Utilities' EV Charging Proposals in Pennsylvania for The Legal Intelligencer's Energy/Environmental Law Supplement

In the July 18, 2022 article, "Don’t Pump the Brakes on Electric Utilities’ EV Charging Proposals in Pa.," for The Legal Intelligencer's 2022 Energy/Environmental Law Supplement, Devin T. Ryan examines the opportunity for Pennsylvania under the federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. 

With Pennsylvania's plan under the NEVI Formula Program being considered, Mr. Ryan notes that electric utilities' EV charging proposals "have been met with opposition in PaPUC proceedings."

He notes: 

"Electric utilities would be well positioned to learn from their own deployment of EV charging infrastructure, as it would enable them to gather and evaluate data on the impacts that EV charging stations have on their distribution systems. Such knowledge would benefit the electric utilities, their customers, and the Commonwealth because it would: better enable electric utilities to provide reasonable, safe, adequate, and reliable service, as required by Section 1501 of the
Public Utility Code; and better facilitate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure and, by extension, wider adoption of EVs in the Commonwealth."

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