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Elizabeth Hein and Cindy Haines Examine CMS' New Interoperability Rule for Law360

In the July 10, 2020 Law360 article, "How Health Info Interoperability Rule Affects Providers," Elizabeth M. Hein and Cynthia A. Haines examine the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) new rule implementing interoperability requirements of the Cures Act, how it creates new compliance challenges for health care providers, and why it will ultimately require investments in information technology.

The authors note:

"The CMS final rule will significantly impact health care providers by moving the health care industry into an environment in which patients who move from payor to payor, and provider to provider, can have their clinical and administrative information travel with them. In addition, pursuant to the CMS final rule, hospitals, including psychiatric and critical access hospitals, or CAHs, will be subject to a new condition of participation, or CoP, standard requiring that they send notifications through their electronic medical record or other electronic administrative system to all of a patient's providers when a patient is admitted to the emergency department, discharged or transferred."

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