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Elizabeth Hein Examines Harnessing the PSQIA for Patient Safety Programs Post-Pandemic for AHLA's Health Law Connections

In the June 2022 issue of the AHLA's Health Law Connections, Elizabeth M. Hein examines how healthcare providers can build better patient safety systems with help from the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, post-pandemic.

in the article, "Harnessing the PSQIA to Re-Focus on Patient Safety Post-Pandemic," she notes:

"The PSQIA provides a useful framework for providers seeking to re-focus on patient safety and build more resilient patient safety systems. It creates a protected space through which providers can do the hard work of collecting information about patient safety events and risks, analyzing that information, and strengthening systems, while also sharing lessons learned throughout the health care sector. Nevertheless, because of aggressive plaintiffs’ counsel and uneven court interpretations, providers should seek the advice of counsel to structure and defend their patient safety and quality improvement activities to ensure that the PSQIA’s protections will apply and to maximize those protections."

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