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Employment Principal Sid Steinberg Examines a Case Involving Religious Discrimination for The Legal Intelligencer

Employment & Employee Relations Principal Sidney R. Steinberg recently examined a case involving a claim of religious discrimination in violation of Title VII in an article for The Legal Intelligencer. 

In the case, Ambrose v. Gabay Ent & Associates, an employee had objected to the inclusion of office rules under the heading "Our Ten Commandments" on the back of a name badge. The employee asserted that she found the name badge "sacrilegious" and ultimately asked not to wear the badge as it "offended her religious beliefs." 

In writing about the case, Mr. Steinberg notes:

"Claims of religious discrimination in violation of Title VII are often difficult for employers to defend against because of the Supreme Court’s finding that it is “not within the judicial ken” to determine the validity of an employee’s religious belief." 

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