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Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania

Authored by Post & Schell Insurance Law Department Senior Counsel Richard L. McMonigle, Jr.,, for over 20 years Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania, has been the trusted, go-to reference in Pennsylvania—for busy practicing attorneys, insurer in-house legal departments, claims professionals, judges, and law clerks alike.

This clearly-written, straightforward volume examines every important issue relating to bad faith lawsuits under Pennsylvania’s common law and under §8371—Pennsylvania’s “Bad Faith Statute.”

What's New in the 20th Edition:

- Summaries of all significant bad faith cases, organized by category.

- Discussion of over 100 new trial and appellate court opinions.

- Update on the important punitive damages case, Berg v. Nationwide Ins. Co.

- In-depth analysis of the hottest topics in the field, including:

  • Federal court dismissal of bad faith complaints under Iqbal and Twombly decisions.
  • The questionable expansion of first- and third-party common law bad faith.
  • Bad faith claims seeking compensatory and consequential damages.
  • Post-Koken UM and UIM bad faith claims.
  • Disputes over delay in payment and settlement negotiations

- Discussion of strategic considerations in presenting, and defending against, bad faith claims.

- The latest court decisions dealing with discovery battles over claims-handling documents.

- Updated Verdict Index, summarizing bad faith trial verdicts in Pennsylvania.

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About the Author

Richard L. McMonigle, Jr. is a Principal and Chair of the Firm's Insurance Law Department. He advises national clients on significant insurance coverage and claims compliance matters and defends individual and class action cases involving complex coverage issues, alleged bad faith, policyholder fraud, and life, health, and disability claims.  He is the author of the only treatise on bad faith law in Pennsylvania, Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania, now in its 17th edition, as well as Insurance Bad Faith in New Jerseynow in its 3rd editionboth published by American Lawyer Media (ALM).

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