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Paula Sanders Examines New PA Medicaid Rules for Practitioners in June 2016 PADONA Newsletter

Health Care Co-Chair, Paula G. Sanders, authored an article in the June 2016 newsletter of the Pennsylvania Association of Directors of Nursing Administration (PADONA) that looks at a "recently issued Medical Assistance Bulletin" from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, "reminding providers that any physician or practitioner who orders or prescribes for Medicaid patients," needs to be enrolled in the Medicaid program. 

Ms. Sanders notes that providers need to verify their compliance by verifying, "the ordering practitioner's Medicaid enrollment status." She notes: 

"This policy change can affect payment for any Medicaid fee-for-service payment. Any entity that receives payment for services provided to Medicaid beneficiaries will need to verify whether the prescribing practitioner is enrolled in Medicaid. Practitioners who are not yet enrolled should do so as soon as possible."

The article is available by clicking below. Note that it appears on page 3 of the newsletter.