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Paula Sanders to Present on Two-Part PHCA Webinar Series Examining PA DOH's New Regulations for Nursing Homes

On Thursday, February 23, 2023 and Wednesday, April 10, 2023, Paula G. Sanders will co-present a webinar series, "A Deep Dive into the New DOH Regulations," sponsored by the Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA). 

In the February 23rd session, the presenters will dig into the PA Department of Health's (DOH) new nursing facility regulations and their impact on day-to-day operations. The session will also provide insights and offer suggestions on avoiding survey pitfalls. 

The session will:

  • Analyze the new regulations to determine what policies and procedures you may need to create or update.
  • Prepare new training modules to meet new regulatory requirements.
  • Review new staff requirements to identify gaps in current policies and procedures.

The April 19th session will offer an overview of the new requirements related to notifications and procedures, specifically around the Change of Ownership (CHOW) process, and identify steps to take to avoid licensure approval delays. 

The session will:

  • Analyze new requirements to ensure compliance with CHOW and licensure renewal processes.
  • Prepare entities of procedural processes when preparing to acquire or sell existing facilities.
  • Review ways to avoid delays in licensure approval while ensuring the continuity of resident care.

Click here for more information and to register.