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Mark Mattioli Examines the Protection of Health Information Following SCOTUS' Dobbs Decision for The Legal Intelligencer's Cybersecurity Supplement

Mark L. Mattioli recently examined the protection of health information following the Supreme Court of the United States' 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization,142 S. Ct. 2288 (2022)  The article, "Protection of Health Info Post-'Dobbs': Providers and Patients Are Stuck in the Middle," was published in the 2023 edition of The Legal Intelligencer's Cybersecurity Supplement. 

The author notes that the abortion restrictions that followed after Dobbs created a dichotomy in the law in contiguous states, raising "thorny legal issues outside of the constitutional content" for providers and patients.

Mr. Mattioli notes:

"The Dobbs decision creates a number of conflicting requirements on providers. Until the federal government or state boards of medicine provide clear guidance, providers will be at the mercy of multiple regulators in responding to requests for reproductive health information."

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