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Rob Balch and John Croumer Present on Dram Shop/Liquor Liability on Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association Webinar on Aug. 21

On the August 21, 2019 webinar, "Dram Shop Liability Defense and Risk Management: Avoiding a Liability Hangover," Robert J. Balch and John W. Croumer presented on legal issues and operational strategy for restaurants, bars, and hotels related to dram shop/liquor liability. The webinar was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PR&LA).

Mr. Balch and Mr. Croumer discussed, among other topics: 

  • Pennsylvania's Dram Shop law and what it requires of bars and restaurants.
  • Plaintiff and defense strategies in dram shop claims.
  • Post-accident response and investigation.
  • Insights, tips, and best practices to protect patrons and limit legal exposure.

Click here to view a full replay of the webinar.